Nissan Pathfinder Tire Failure Rollover Kills Teen

LOVELOCK, NV — Three children were ejected from the SUV they were traveling in when it left the road on Interstate 80 Tuesday morning and rolled over, officials said. One of the three, Zahra Rashidy, 15, died at the scene of the accident, 17 miles east of Lovelock, on Interstate 80 before 10 a.m.

Also ejected were eighteen-year-old Nilab Rashidy and Sajjad Rashidy, age 11. The two surviving children were transported with their parents to Renown Regional Medical Center by medical helicopter.

The parents, Mohammad Hussein Rashidy, a 49-year-old resident of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and his wife Sadaf Rashidy, 45, remained at Renown Regional Medical Center and continued to receive care, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol. It is beleived that the Rashidys were traveling to California to attend a wedding.

Sometime after 9:30 a.m., Mr. Rashidy lost control of the Nissan Pathfinder he was driving and left the pavement on the right side of the roadway where the SUV proceeded to rollover. Investigators believe that a tire failure involving tread separation was responsible for the loss of control. The tread separated from the left rear tire of the vehicle, which in many cases can cause an SUV to become unstable.