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SUV Rollover Leaves 1 Dead and 1 in Critical Condition

In Daytona Beach, Florida an SUV rollover kills one man and critically injures another. The accident occurred when the driver of the Chevrolet SUV began to leave the roadway for unknown reasons. The SUV crossed the left shoulder of the interstate after leaving the main road. The driver over-corrected the SUV which resulted in him flipping his vehicle twice. The rollover caused the driver and passenger both to be ejected.

The 38 year old Chevrolet SUV driver was transported by emergency vehicle crews to Halifax Medical Center and was in critical condition.

The 23 year old passenger was tragically killed after being ejected from the Chevrolet SUV as it rolled over. The passenger was from Walstonburg, North Carolina.

2 Dead in Ford Explorer Rollover Accident in Texas

A family of four, headed to an apartment in Edinburg, Texas was driving north on Expressway 281 just before dusk in Pharr, Texas.

While headed north on Expressway 281, Esther Hernandez who was riding in the front seat with her twin sister and driver Mary, noticed a red Chevrolet which crossed into their lane.

Suddenly Mary swerved to the right, then left, and back and forth until finally losing control of the white Ford Explorer SUV. The vehicle rolled over many times before coming to a rest on the side of the road. Mary was ejected from the vehicle and was lying on the highway’s pavement.

Ester, who is 20 years old, and her younger brother, Raul who is sixteen, had only minor scrapes and bruises. April’s injuries at first appeared to be somewhat minor; however she was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where she eventually died. April was in fifth grade.

The driver of the red Chevrolet was nowhere to be found at the scene, however she later turned herself in and an investigation into the rollover accident is pending.

Trooper Johnny Hernandez, a local spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said “It’s people not paying attention” when talking about the driver who left the scene of the accident.

Driver Killed in Midland, Texas Ford Truck Rollover

A security guard working for the Transportation Security Administration was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash when his 2003 Ford Ranger Truck rolled onto the shoulder of the highway.

Scott Mark Wanamaker was found dead after his eastbound Ford Ranger Truck rolled over and landed on the shoulder of State Highway 191 which is just west of Midland, TX. According to Department of Public Safety communications operator Gilbert Villarreal, Mr. Wanamaker’s vehicle began drifting into the center lane, when he overcorrected and the vehicle began rolling over.