Salt Lake City Rollover Accident Kills One

A woman died after a rollover crash on I-80 Sunday. Local authorities say that a Chevrolet SUV was towing a Toyota Camry on I-15 near the I-80 West exit in Salt Lake City early in the morning when another vehicle cut off the SUV as the driver tried to get onto the I-80 exit.

The SUV swerved in order to miss the other car. This caused the Camry to over correct and driver to lose control of the vehicle. It then rolled off the right side of the road and land on its roof. Another vehicle then cut in front of them and the driver of this vehicle hit his brakes, lost control, the vehicle swerved off to the right and rolled as reported by the police.

A lady in her mid 30’s was ejected from the SUV and suffered fatal injuries to the head and neck. Officials say the lady was one of nine people in the car that was passing through Utah as they traveled to Washington State. The woman was not wearing a seatbelt but the other passengers in the vehicle were buckled. Four children were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. Utah law allows other passengers to be in a car as long as all seatbelts are being used, so the family will not be issued a citation. The woman who cut the SUV off has not yet been charged.